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Point Of Interest

Ketep Pass

Ketep Pass can be reached from Grand Artos Hotel and Convention 10 minutes by vehicle. Tourist can see five mountains which are Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro, Sumbing and Slamet mountains. Ketep Volcano Theater is museum with 500 square metre area and showing miniature of Merapi mountain, also has interactive computer explaining volcanic mountain history in Indonesia and exhibit volcanic stones from Merapi mountain.


LASTEST Point Of Interest

  • Golf

    Guests at Grand Artos Hotel can visit the nearby Golf course, located within 1.3km, in sight of the Tidar Hill, you can experience playing golf in this unique setting. Healthy and fresh environment.

  • Elo Rafting

    Interested in Rafting? Gather your friends & family to experience this unique adrenaline pumping session at the Elo River. Can you best the tide and complete our challenge? For more information click for details.

  • Borobudur Temple

    The Great Borobudur temple is only 15 minutes driving from Grand Artos Hotel & Convention. Borobudur temple is a famous magnificent Buddha heritage having biggest complex of statue in the world &admitted as world heritage by UNESCO. Borobudur temple’s building overall becomes a masterpiece gallery of stonecutter. Borobudur does not only have highest art points, but also has a history of human civilization & full of philosophic value that looks like an orchid on top of the hill. There is one thing that should not be missed at Borobudur temple by seeing a beautiful panorama view of sunset on top of temple.