Grand Artos Hotel & Convention

Memory Creation, Great Experience, Pleasure Destination

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4 Star Business and Family Hotel

Grand Artos Hotel & Convention

Grand Artos Hotel & Convention is one of the largest hotels in Magelang, established in August 2012. Under the management of PT Grand Artos, Grand Artos Hotel & Convention is a subsidiary of PT Mekar Armada Jaya (New Armada Group).

Artos originates from the word arta or yatra, in Javanese means money. Visible from the logo of Grand Artos Hotel & Convention which is shaped like a circle of money or gobang.

In accordance with the vision, mission and logo proud of Grand Artos Hotel & Convention, the circle is a symbol of Indonesian hospitality services and creates a comfortable and unforgettable experience as reflected in the company’s motto, which is “Creation of Memory, Great Experience, Pleasure Destination“.

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